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My Art Collection. NFS

The Giving Tree
The Giving Tree

Someone once told me this was an album cover, I don’t know. I didn’t paint it but I love it. My friend, my best friend, bought this for my birthday. Forty bucks. I had it framed but its worth about a hundred now. I love it. I love oranges, yellows,  it seems like a tree I would see in my dreams.


So Here it Is

This is where I will show case my art. Hopefully, it will keep me out of the operating room which is good. Color is awesome and great for mediation. I use the surrounding skyline for my inspiration my painting, I “see”  things that come out in the colors, faces and trees, sometimes its a little darker, sometimes it is just color.

I don’t have a huge output but what I have, I would rather sell and give away then throw away or repaint. I love my paintings. In this day and age, where so much is available, what you put on your walls have to speak to you. I have picked out every painting, print I own and each one has a connection to me that makes my soul a  little lighter, a little brighter .

Let me know what color you want and I will paint you a dream.

Focal Paintings

The nice thing about absract painting is it is a lot about color. So, if you want something unique for someone,  let me know your volors, size and general overall tone (dark, light, spring, winter ) and I will paint something you like. If you don’t give it to someone else. Someone one will like it.