First Friday May Second

For those of you who live in the Phoenix area or are visiting, come down to First Friday at the Garfield Galleria on 3rd ave and McDowell. I will be painting live from five to nine and would love to see you there!!!!!

I have extra stuff so you can play to. Find your inner artist at First Friday and come party like Van Gogh.

Image    Local Artist on display at Red Lights Martial Arts and The Squirming Squirrel Trading Post In Williams Arizona.


My Art Collection. NFS

The Giving Tree
The Giving Tree

Someone once told me this was an album cover, I don’t know. I didn’t paint it but I love it. My friend, my best friend, bought this for my birthday. Forty bucks. I had it framed but its worth about a hundred now. I love it. I love oranges, yellows,  it seems like a tree I would see in my dreams.

So Here it Is

This is where I will show case my art. Hopefully, it will keep me out of the operating room which is good. Color is awesome and great for mediation. I use the surrounding skyline for my inspiration my painting, I “see”  things that come out in the colors, faces and trees, sometimes its a little darker, sometimes it is just color.

I don’t have a huge output but what I have, I would rather sell and give away then throw away or repaint. I love my paintings. In this day and age, where so much is available, what you put on your walls have to speak to you. I have picked out every painting, print I own and each one has a connection to me that makes my soul a  little lighter, a little brighter .

Let me know what color you want and I will paint you a dream.

Focal Paintings

The nice thing about absract painting is it is a lot about color. So, if you want something unique for someone,  let me know your volors, size and general overall tone (dark, light, spring, winter ) and I will paint something you like. If you don’t give it to someone else. Someone one will like it.